NCAR’s 5.34-petaflop supercomputer ‘Cheyenne’ comes online


The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has launched Cheyenne, a 5.34-petaflop supercomputer dedicated to supporting research around Earth system sciences.

More than triple the performance of the previous NCAR supercomputer, Yellowstone, it is ranked as the 20th most powerful system in the world according to Top500.

The Stats:

The supercomputer was built by HPE’s recent acquisition, SGI, and features Intel’s 18-core, 2.3GHz Broadwell Xeon E5-2697v4 processors and Mellanox EDR InfiniBand.

It has more than four thousand dual-socket nodes, 20 percent of which have 128GB of memory, while the rest have 64GB, giving it a memory capacity of 313 terabytes.

The computer has a data storage of 20 petabytes of DataDirect Networks’ SFA14KX systems, with the option to expand it up to 40 petabytes. DDN’s system gives the computer a data transfer rate of 220 gigabytes per second.

Cheyenne has a peak computation rate of more than 3 billion calculations per second for every watt of energy consumed.

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